Performance Sling


Wintech(R) Performance Sling gives traditional textilene a new look. Compared with traditional PVC Textilene, our TPU exterior provides  excellent abrasion resistance and expresses more elegant appearance and softer touch. Our Performance Sling is halogen free and can be recycled to meet global environmental concerns. All series have passed technical tests and been certified by major laboratories. WinTech(R) Performance Slings are patent protected.




Performance Sling Textilene

UV resistance

2000 hours 1000 hours
Abrasion Resistance > 40,000 cycles

< 10,000 cycles


matte / dull shining / glossy


soft / delicate


Environmental safe halogen free

with halogen

Recyclable O



PF110204A Weight: 445g/m2±5% Density: 17*18

PF117002A Weight: 445g/m2±5% Density: 17*18

PF127000A Weight: 445g/m2±5% Density: 16*33

PF127001A Weight: 445g/m2±5% Density: 16*33

PF127003A Weight: 445g/m2±5% Density: 16*33

PF127004A Weight: 445g/m2±5% Density: 16*33


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