Technical Data and Specification


NO. Test Item Test Method Result
1 UV Exposure for 2000 Hours ISO 4892-3:2006 Grey scale 4-5
2 Abrasion Resistance:

Specimen breakdown method

ISO 12947-2:2016 Pass
3 Abrasion Resistance:

Assessment of appearance change

ISO 12947-4:1998 Grade 4
4 The Contents of Substances of Very High Concern(SVHC) Assessment (REACH) ICP-OES UV-Vis GC-MS Pass
5 The Contents of Cd, Pb, Hg, CrVI, Sum of PBBs, and Sum of PBDEs Assessment Reference to ICE 62321:2008 (ROHS) Determination by ICP-OES UV-Vis GC-MS Pass
6 Phthalates Content Test


(California Proposition 65 settlements)

Determination by GC-MS Pass
7 Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAHs) AfPA GS 2014:01 PAK Pass
8 Heat and Cold Resistance Freezing Tester

Drying Oven

Heat +50℃

Cold -30℃

9 Solvent Resistance

(Alcohol, Thinner, Coffee, Wine, Hot water, Orange juice)

Related Solvent Pass
10 Evaluating the Resistance of Plastics and Chemical Reagents (Acid and Alkali) ASTM D543 Pass No Change in Color and Tensile Strength